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Principal Message

Dear Parents / Guardians,
Greetings to you all
Rohilas International Sr. Sec School (RIS) is a unique school that believs that the pathway to every child's success lie in believing in his/her dreams, seeing them as not just fancy wishes, but as achievable possiblities. To us, every child is unique and he/she is to be respected and loved for his/her uniqueness.
To achieve academic excellence is the prime aim of the entire team of the school. The team whole hearedly support the fact that. ALL CHILDREN CAN AND WILL LEARN BUT NOT ON THE SAME DAY OR IN THE SAME WAY.
The learning at RIS is at individual's pase, stress free and can happen anytime and any where. The school has also given momentum to co-curricular activities, where every performance contributes to all round development of a child's personality.
Our Sole target is to bring out the best in children and help them excel in every sphere of life.
The home and school partnership is recognized as central to individual growth. We welcome and are committed to active participation of parents in what is happening at the school.

With good wishes