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The time table in the school takes care of proper rest and intake of healthy foods and the children learn subjects with relaxation. The surroundings and daily life activities and situations are the best experiential teachers for the students. Here, at (RIS) teachers make efforts to draw examples and group activities from daily life observations within the classroom/within the school and surroundings, and encourages presentations and reflection by the students once the activity is completed, to develop the skills of critical thinking and communication.

Children learn a lot through peer learning. To promote peer learning, flexible seating arrangements are made available during the classroom transactions.

Learning should focus on individual differences and promote collaborative learning. The classroom activities are connected to the immediate environment of children. The school maintains a connection with the parents and the progress of children are communicated to the parents, and, if needed remedial measures are taken up for improving the learning outcomes.

Creating Cross-Curricular Linkages Creating cross-curricular linkages are vital to learning as they help to connect prior knowledge with new information.

The need of the hour is that schools must focus on enhancing the skills required for a successful adult life in 21st Century. Holding a conception that It is important for the students to think scientifically, mathematically or artistically to face the real-life challenges in an information and technology driven world and enhance their inherent potential, RIS prepares their students for future-ready and also for becoming a holistic learner.