Rohilas International Sr. Sec School CBSE (2132684) New Delhi.


ROHILAS INTERNATIONAL SR. SEC SCHOOL (RIS) has been founded by he K.S. Memorial Trust headed by Professor Zahid Khan with a pious mission of unrolling the pages of knowledge even to those who dwell on outskirts of the town and don't get the opportunity to enlighten themself various walks of life. RIS is first CBSE school to offer Urdu and Sanskrit.

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Why choose Rohilas International Sr. Sec School

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Computer Lab

Our charter is to provide information technology at all levels in the school...

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Safe, secured and hygienic

Campus with 24×7 power supply and vigilence.

Top 10 Residential School in India
Well equipped Sports Infrastructure

with Specialized Coaches.

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The Smart Library

Library facility is designed to be stimulating and a welcome place.

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Effective classroom teaching

Smart Classrooms and Career Counselling Sessions.

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Ideal Climatic Conditions

Temp Ranges min 11 - max 25, Supporting Holistic Development.




Various cultural programs are organised throughout the year and all students are encouraged to display their talents be it singing, playing an instrument, dancing, oratory or histrionics on these occasions, thus generating a feeling of mutual acceptance and oneness.

A programme is designed to awaken cultural awareness and the development of the aesthetic senses, through Art, Music, Drama, Quiz, Debate etc.

Participation in various inter-school/ inter-district/ inter-state competitions such as debates, elocution contests, quizzing, dramatics et al is encouraged.



It is very import to offer a rich selection of co-curricular activities to students of all ages. It is only through this exposure that a child becomes aware of its special interests and talents. This in turn allows a child to receive appreciation and acclaim and to grow in confidence. This confidence then gets reflected in other areas leading to all around growth and progress

The nature and range of these activities are not static and continue to evolve as per the interests and talents of the student body and the faculty.

Co-curricular activities offered include Karate, skating, yoga, music, kathak, dramatics, drawing, batik, debates, quizzing, painting, tie & dye, clay modeling and pottery, sculpture, Indian dance and Indian & western music, hobbies, publication, special interest clubs and societies, as also community services.



No child's growing years should be devoid of a sense of excitement and adventure. These opportunities enhance a child's sense of environmental awareness and self-esteem. Children learn to help each other and build a sense of comradeship. Adventure activities include white water rafting and para- sailing which are voluntary, and mid-term treks and expeditions.

A mid-term break, every term, is utilized for compulsory, but age- appropriate expeditions i.e. mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, white water rafting, camping etc.

Children are taught survival skills and respect for nature, School expeditions, with specific aims and objectives are mounted, ranging from Relief work to Scientific exploration, or simply to test endurance and develop the spirit of adventure.

Sports & Games

Sports & Games

The School has a very large and talented sports faculty consisting of three full time PTI's and eight specialist coaches.

Every Asianite is expected to take part in the sport and fitness programme. The School provides an extensive sports and physical education programme.

Facilities include two large playing fields, basketball, tennis and badminton courts, a 25m swimming pool and a gymnasium. Sports include Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Cross Country, Gymnastics, /hockey, Horse Riding, Karate, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Skating and Shooting.